Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid Cooling AIO KiT

Swiftech's H240-X is not your typical All-in-One, aka "AIO," CPU cooler. It is also a bit more expensive than your usual AIO. It does however deliver to you a tremendously upgradable equipment set that allows its buyers a economical ramp into a fully custom liquid cooling system for your entire computer.


Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid Cooling KiT

Let's get one thing cleared up before we begin. Most companies use the moniker "240" when talking about a radiator that supports two 120mm fans since 120x2 is 240. Neat and simple. 280 is the name typically used for radiators supporting 140mm fans for the same reason. Swiftech went its own way with the naming convention and so to clear up any confusion the H240-X is in fact a dual 140mm fan size AIO cooling unit. Its fans measure 140mm x 140mm x 25mm in stock form.

The Swiftech H240-X includes the same pump and water block as the H220-X which is fine by us since it performed exceedingly well in our first look at it. What remains to be seen is how much improvement we get from the larger radiator and fans on the H240-X.

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Package & Specs

The packaging for the Swiftech H240-X is much the same as the recently reviewed H220-X. Strong cardboard outer boxing, with a solid, formed cardboard inner packaging.

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Radiator Dimensions: (L) 290mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 115mm

Cold Plate Material: Copper

Tubing Dimension: 5/8" OD x 3/8" ID



  • LGA 2011
  • LGA 1150
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1155
  • AMD

  • AM2
  • AM3
  • FM1
  • FM2
  • 939
  • Fans:

  • Size: 140mm x 25mm
  • Speed: 700 - 1800 RPM
  • Air Flow: 35 - 90 CFM
  • Noise: 8.3 - 28.8 dBA
  • Contents

    The contents of the Swiftech H240-X kit are more than we are used to seeing but tremendously nothing out of the ordinary. You have your usually assortment of screws and springs. The one thing that does differ is a fan hub of sorts. It allows you to power up to eight fans simultaneously, however these will all route through one motherboard connection so you aren’t able to control these independently.

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    Here are a few shots of the Swiftech H240-X from different angles. Also shown is the backplate for Intel 115X motherboards that comes pre-installed.

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    Installation & Contact

    Installing the H240-X went a bit different than the H220-X. It wasn't the fault of the H240-X and in fact it should have sat the same way. In my case, the holes for 140mm fans are not aligned correctly on the Corsair case we are using. We aren't able to mount the radiator inside the case and the fans below the grill like we did with the H220-X.

    Excluding the issue with the radiator, installing the H240-X is identical to the H220-X. The back plate and mounting system are all the same. Installing the waterblock is going to be the tricky part here. The backplate isn’t held to the motherboard by itself. So you have a situation where the tubing of the H240-X is firm and you’re trying to hold the backplate in place with one hand, mount the waterblock with the other and then tighten the screws with your third hand( ? ). In the end I used an extra set of hands to accomplish the install. This looks like one small area that can be improved upon in future versions.

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    With the block installed and contact with our CPU solid, and we are ready to put this cooler to the test.