EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 1300W Power Supply Review

EVGA has a bit of a rocky road with HardOCP when it comes to PSU reviews. Today we give EVGA the opportunity to redeem itself with its 1300 watt powerhouse touting "exceptional efficiency" and a fully modular design that is "silent and optimized for the enthusiast." All this with a 10 year warranty? It must be a badass.



The first thing we are going to look at with the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 is its packaging, accessories, and documentation. While normally none of these items is a make or break item for a power supply the packaging quite often contains a lot of information about the product we are purchasing. The inclusion of an owner’s manual that provides actual information about our product is also of great help. Accessories are almost unnecessary with a power supply as the unit is self contained, unless it is modular, but there are cases where a manufacturer can include useful accessories to make installation, routing, and use more efficient.

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The packaging of the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 is very much like that of the previous EVGA power supplies we have reviewed. Once more then, the front of the packaging is devoid of useful information except for the 80 Plus Gold seal and a quick check of the 80 Plus website does indeed find this unit certified for 80 Plus Gold efficiency. When we move to the rear of the packaging, we find the power label (reproduced below), cable count (reproduced below), various types of product shots, and of course some advertising about features that are fairly common these days. We also see that this unit is backed by what is listed as a 10 year warranty. When we actually look at the EVGA product page though, we find the following:

This product comes with a 10 year limited warranty with registration within 30 days of purchase.

EVGA offers several warranty solutions for our customers to choose from. Please refer to the suffix of the part number and our Warranty Terms for details.

Unfortunately, we see that dreaded "several warranty solutions" line again. Fortunately, it is not quite as bad as last time since this unit actually is one of the products listed and we find that this unit does indeed have a 10 year warranty as seen here:

The following warranty lengths are provided to the Original Purchaser for EVGA products purchased on or after July 1, 2011 from an EVGA authorized reseller with a valid proof of purchase. For EVGA products not purchased from an EVGA authorized reseller or for owners that do not have a valid proof of purchase than the warranty is available for up to 3 years, which will not exceed the warranty length assigned to the part number, and the warranty will start from the EVGA shipping date. For more details on the EVGA transferable warranty then please see the Transferable Warranty section below.

آ• Limited 10 Year Suffixes: -XR, -X1, -X2, -X3, -X4

آ• Limited 5 Year Suffixes: -GR, -SR, -VR, -V1, -V2, -V3

آ• Limited 3 Year Suffixes: -KR, -K1, -K2, -K3, -KB, -KA, -KF, -KM

آ• Limited 2 Year Suffixes: -LA, -LE, -LR, -L1, -LX, -T1, -T2, -TR, -TX

آ• Limited 1 Year Suffixes: -B1*, -BR**, -BX, -DR, -RX

آ• Limited 90 Day Suffix: -RB

These warranties however are just for the original purchaser. What happens if you are not the original purchaser you might ask? Well EVGA has that information here:

EVGA offers an transferable warranty for products shipped new from EVGA on or after July 1, 2011 so long as the product is in its original factory condition and retains all of the factory labels and stickers. The transferred warranty will not exceed 3 years from the products shipping date from EVGA and will also not exceed the original warranty offered on the product.

آ• 3 Year Suffixes: -A1, -A2, -A3, -A4, -AR, -AX, -CR, -CX, -DX, -FR, -FX, -SG, -SX, -XR, -X1, -X2, -X3, -X4, -GR, -SR, -VR, -V1, -V2, -V3, -KR, -K1, -K2, -K3, -KB, -KA, -KF, -KM

آ• 2 Year Suffixes : -LA, -LE, -LR, -LX, -T1, -T2, -TR, -TX

Transferable Warranty Exceptions

آ• Non-transferable Suffixes: -B1, -BR, -BX, -DR, -RX, -RB

آ• Products shipped from EVGA as warranty replacements will be subject to this warranty so long as the original product was shipped from EVGA on or after July 1, 2011.

آ• Products sent as demo unit or given away as prize do not transfer warranty.

So, if you buy the SuperNOVA 1300 G2 from someone else two days after they bought the unit at retail that sound you hear is 7 years falling off of your warranty. EVGA then goes on to list several other optional programs, but the point here is that the warranty process continues to be needlessly complicated. Lastly, the sides of the packaging have a few more advertising points about things other than power supplies. Um, why?

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The power information for the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 falls in line with what we would expect from a modern high capacity power supply. Today, we see that the SuperNOVA 1300 G2 has up to ~100% of its capacity available to the 12v rail (108.3A) if needed. When we look at the minor rails, we see that it has up to 24A available to the 3.3v and 5v rails with a total combined maximum capacity of 120W. That is considerably less capacity than what the NEX650G had and that unit was 1/2 the total capacity of this unit! These values are coupled with 5 Molex, 12 SATA, 6 modified 8 pin PCIe connectors, and 2 6-pin PCIe connectors. With a total of 8 PCIe connectors available, this unit should be capable of supporting the vast majority of multi-GPU solutions, including a good percentage of the really extreme ones, while also offering enough connectors for those folks who are still packing in the peripherals, though you may have to watch that 5v/3.3v cap if you really go crazy here.

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Once we open the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2, we find the power supply, power cord, mounting screws, ties, a pouch, modular cables, and the manual. The manual for the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 is just 7 pages long printed on heavy paper to make it feel more substantial than it is. It also covers both the 1300W and the 1000W models in this model line of SuperNOVA products. The manual contains the basic power information, cable counts, some installation instructions, and some "feature" listings. It does not, however, list the warranty information and if EVGA wanted to give this manual the perception of heft it could just include all of THAT instead of using the heavy paper stock. Overall, like with previous units, the user manual seems like a real amateur production and that does not seem to be changing, so let’s move on.