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Enermax iVektor Mid-Tower ATX Computer Case Review

Enermax has long been an enthusiast brand associated with some of the best computer power supplies made in the industry. Over the last couple of years it has also developed a very strong following in computer case arena with DIYers. Today we look at the iVektor case designed by Enermax and it looks to be a strong contender for your next build.


Sound Levels:

The two 120mm fans proved to be more than capable of keeping system temps down, but now it is time to find out what kind of acoustic performance we can expect.

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We took sound level readings from four feet away from the case, with two off the shelf dB meters, from two different angles (side and front). The case, with both fans running at full speed, registered only 34dB. With the fans on the lowest setting, the iVektor registered 30dB. So, at least when compared to the Coenus, it would seem that the soft-touch coating does in fact help dampen fan noise.


The question of whether or not a case is a good candidate for modding is highly subjective and varies on a case by case basis. As modders ourselves, more often than not, a plain case that offers a "blank slate" to express our creativity is preferable to a case with large pre-cut side windows, pre-installed 200mm LED fans and so on. It has been our experience that, aside from some very specific projects, most modders prefer not to spend extra money on features they are simply going to cut off and remove anyway.

The Enermax iVektor is not a case most casual modders would pick for a mod project. We think people buying the Enermax iVektor are doing so for its looks, styling and the soft-touch rubber coating. The rubber coated plastic panels aren't meant to be cut, or painted, and the case already has a windowed side panel and a LED fan. More experienced modders might be able to do something more with the iVektor but, for reasons already mentioned, we don't think it will be a popular candidate to mod.


Some of the complaints we had when we reviewed the Enermax Coenus, such as the lack of room for larger water cooling systems, the limited space directly over the motherboard area and sub-par cooling performance have been addressed by design changes made to the iVektor.

Complaints like the no 140mm fan support, clip on drive rails, and the grooved channel design that allows dust to circumvent filters, are all minor complaints but they do need to be taken into consideration if you are purchasing this chassis.

First of all, the addition of a dedicated area for 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator outside the chassis (but under the outside panel) was a great idea and actually addresses some of the major concerns we had when we reviewed the Coenus.

Overall, the Enermax iVektor is a great mid-tower case that can accommodate all kinds of builds, from mild to wild. The two 120mm fans did a surprisingly good job cooling our test system, in both standard and enthusiast trim. Also, keep in mind that end users have the ability to add an additional three fans to the iVektor if more airflow is needed.

The configurable hard drive rack that allows for the use of either 3.5" and 2.5" drives is a great idea. The fact that the drive rack can serve as a mounting location for a 120mm all-in-one cooling solution is definitely an added benefit as well.

The cooling performance of the Enermax iVektor was more than a bit surprising considering it has an almost identical layout to the Coenus. The iVektor had no problems keeping temperatures in check in both standard and enthusiast trim. This case had more than enough room for large heatsinks and easily fit every 120mm and 240mm all-in-one water cooling kits use for here for testing.

Cable management was surprisingly good thanks to the large opening at the base of the motherboard tray and the additional room provided by the raised area of the side panel.

While it would be nice to see the foam filtering extended to the entire front panel, the fan filtration system is adequate and the removable filters are easy to clean.

Enthusiasts are in and out of their cases more than any other group we know. We are constantly upgrading our hardware, troubleshooting or just trying different configurations. Working in and around this case can be difficult when the chassis is packed full of hardware but no more difficult than other cases in the mid-tower class.

The Enermax iVektor is currently priced at $79.99 on Amazon and comes with FREE shipping.

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The Bottom Line

Surviving our enthusiast testing process isn't a chore to be taken lightly. Every case that comes through the HardOCP labs is thoroughly examined, pushed to the limit, and tested in ways that we feel gives you an accurate assessment of the product's ability to perform in the manner you would use it at home.

The Enermax iVektor is a great case for anyone looking to build a solid system without spending a lot of money. The "soft-touch" coating actually lived up to the company's claims and the overall look and styling of this chassis is appealing to casual users, gamers, and enthusiasts alike.

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Enermax iVektor