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GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition Review

If you are interested at all in the fastest GeForce GTX 780 video card we’ve seen out-of-the-box yet, then take a look at GALAXY’s GeForce GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition. You’ll also find the highest overclock ever achieved on a GTX 780 waiting for you with this video card. You don’t want to miss this.


K.I.T.T., bring me my rescue tube, and extra sun tan lotion, so I can run to these people in the water and save them, shirtless, while singing songs in German, cause it’s "The Hoff."

Ok, this isn’t really an article about "The Hoff", but it is an article about the "HOF." That would be GALAXY’s "Hall of Fame" series of graphics cards. GALAXY’s highest enthusiast level graphics card, built from the ground up customized and ready to give you the best experience possible from a video card.

If you browse GALAXY’s website, under products, you will find here that GALAXY currently offers two HOF Series video cards. The GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition and the GALAXY GeForce GTX 770 HOF Edition. We are evaluating the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition today.

If you aren’t familiar with GALAXY’s Hall of Fame Series, know that this series of video card is stacked upon the GALAXY’s GC series of video cards. HOF video cards from GALAXY are custom designed with the best components and technology with one simple objective: to break records. GPUs are hand picked for the HOF Series to allow higher clock speeds and higher overclocks. The HOF Series also boasts being the fastest air-cooled video cards of each particular GPU. In addition, some HOF Series video cards offer special features, and the GTX 780 HOF does offer a special feature we will talk about below.

GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition Features

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The GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition runs at a 1006MHz base clock with a boost clock at 1058MHz. However, thanks to the improved cooling, our GALAXY 780 HOF runs at a real-time frequency of 1.1GHz while gaming, in every game!

Compare that with the reference GeForce GTX 780 which runs at 863MHz base clock and 900MHz boost clock. Our real-world GPU frequency while gaming, with our reference GTX 780 got up to just 900MHz, while gaming, right at the boost clock. Therefore, a reference 780 runs at 900MHz while gaming, and the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition runs at 1.1GHz while gaming, a whopping 200MHz faster out-of-the-box.

The second feature you should take note of is the Hyper Boost technology. This engages proprietary circuitry on the video card to allow higher core clocks. Quoting GALAXY:

Pressing the Hyper Boost button engages special circuitry and internal optimizations, pushing clock speeds into overdrive and raising fan speeds accordingly. Hyper Boost increases core clocks by up to 8% beyond GPU Boost 2.0’s dynamic overclocking function and users’ custom OC settings. Multiple world record benchmark scores have been broken already as a result.

The third feature, which is unique, is GALAXY’s advanced dual fan cooler with hybrid vapor chamber heat pipe design. The GALAXY GTX 780 HOF uses a combination of vapor chamber and heat pipes. There is a 70x70mm vapor chamber on top of the GPU. There are four 70mm nickel plated heat pipes. Then there are dual 90mm low noise EBR liquid bearing fans on board. GALAXY is using a fire-resistant polycarbonate, anodized metal and die-cast aluminum alloy housing. While the "TITAN reference cooler" GTX 780 runs up to 80c, the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition should run about 10 degrees cooler, at 70c, maximizing GPU Boosts capabilities. It should also be a few degrees cooler at idle.

The fourth feature is that the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition is using high quality custom components on a custom white printed circuit board. GALAXY is employing CHiL CHL8318 VR11.1 compliant top-of-the-line digital PWM with an 8+2 phase power. For reference, reference GTX 780 is 6+2 phase. There are high quality POSCAP capacitors on board for longer lifespan. You will find 10x Coiltronics copper high frequency high current power inductors rated for up to 70A at 125C. There is an IR3550 PowIRstage DrMOS 4.0 compliant chipset which replaces multiple MOSFETs and driver chips in a single package. It provides a massive 60A current at up to 90% efficiency. The GALAXY GTX 780 HOF is able to deliver up to 480 amps of current to the GPU. As mentioned, there is a custom 10-layer white PCB with optimal signal routing used.

All of this won’t be cheap of course, the current street price and MSRP for the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition are $689.99, which is $40 higher than a reference GTX 780. That extra $40 buys you a fully customized video card that ships with the highest real-time GPU frequency in games we’ve seen yet, incredible overclocking headroom, and an extremely efficient cooler.


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The GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition comes in a very white box to showcase the white PCB it is built on. You will find the HOF logo plastered all over the box. On the box is listed major features.

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The video card itself sports a completely white PCB with metallic looking shroud. On the top you will find "Hall of Fame" which lights up when running. There is SLI support and two 8-pin power connectors required. The heatpipes stick out on top, but in a non-intrusive way. The power connectors are easy to get to and nothing obstructs these like on some other video cards so taking the power cables off is easy. On the I/O port you will find the switch to enable the special Hyper Boost mode. We will talk about this mode on the next page.

For our setup today, we are going to be comparing with a reference GTX 780 and GTX TITAN. GALAXY built this video card to be the best GTX 780 and to rival the TITAN, so we must test this. AMD doesn't offer a competitive single-GPU product at the price point of this video card and certainly we have more than covered the GeForce GTX 780 vs. HD 7970 GHz Edition argument in the past.

Now let's see what The Hoff has in store for us!

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