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Patriot Gauntlet Node Review - Portable Wireless & Powered

The Gauntlet Node from Patriot is designed to provide extra storage to mobile users. The ability for any 2.5" HDD or SSD to operate wirelessly as a hot-spot for up to 8 users and to provide a shared data pool is compelling. It does feature support for Android and iOS devices natively. We test the Gauntlet Node to see if it delivers.

The Patriot Gauntlet Node Basics

As the mobile explosion continues unabated the need for more portable data storage has become even more pressing. Many of the newest tablets, and even some phones, have limited ability to expand the onboard amount of storage that is available to the user. Many people are currently using their mobile devices in lieu of a computer and camera entirely. With videos and pictures a staple of modern portable device usage more storage is always in demand.

The idea behind the Patriot Gauntlet Node is simple and straightforward, and that is the ability to store and share content wirelessly to several different devices simultaneously.

This idea certainly isn't new, we have seen a plethora of comparable devices which can be connected to routers and accessed via a variety of methods. These can range from entire home server setups down to simple devices that connect to routers, or even shared storage device connections that are integrated features with many of today's routers. These types of devices allow users to access shared storage volumes over the network they are connected to.

While the ease of sharing data is very useful with these approaches, these do all notably suffer from one vital need in today's mobile world; portability.

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The idea to make the device portable is simple, but the size of the Gauntlet Node implementation is what separates this device from the competition. The Gauntlet Node is surprisingly small and packed with features. This allows users the ability to take the Gauntlet Node on the go, and it can be utilized wirelessly not only by the owner of the product but anyone else that they choose to share the data with.

One of the greatest applications for this device is the ability to access, stream or even save data to the Gauntlet Node. This can provide an easy multiplication of the available storage for any device capable of connecting to the Gauntlet Node. Users can even connect directly to the device via the USB interface to store or retrieve data.

This is where the portability of the Gauntlet Node comes into play, with the small size providing an easy to use form factor that is also surprisingly battery powered. The battery powers the device for up to five hours of active streaming, so there is plenty of time for using the device when on the go away from a power source.

Finally, part of the attraction of a solution of this nature is the ability to install any 2.5" storage medium into the Gauntlet. This could be either an HDD or an SSD, and the user can select any capacity up to 2TB. This provides the user with the ability to scale their capacity with their needs.

Let's give the Gauntlet Node a try, and see if the device delivers on its promises.