Antec Eleven Hundred Gaming Case Review

We take a long [H]ard look at Antec's new Eleven Hundred model chassis that is billed by Antec as being "The Advanced Gaming Authority." This relatively inexpensive DIY chassis is chock full of features and represents a flagship in the Antec line. Our new testing format takes its maiden voyage on the Eleven Hundred.



This mid-tower case features a steel construction with a plastic front panel and measures 21"H x 9.5"W x 22"L. The case is powder coated black both inside and out and weighs in at exactly 20lbs.

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On the top of the case you will find the power and reset buttons and a large fan grill / opening that houses a 200mm LED fan.

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On the front of the case are three 5.25" drive bay openings for optical drives and, just above that, you'll find four USB slots (two 2.0 and two 3.0) as well as headphone and microphone jacks. The removable front panel snaps on and off (no tools needed) to reveal two mounting locations for 120mm fans and a large fan filter. The fan filter location is a bit undesirable because the front panel must be removed each time for cleaning. Over time, there is a risk of the plastic retention mechanisms wearing or breaking.

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The case has a large side window with support for two more 120mm fans. The mounting holes for the fans have built in rubber grommets that help cut down on fan noise and vibrations. Located just below the side panel is a removable PSU fan filter that slides out from the side instead of from the rear like you have to with most other cases. This makes it incredibly easy to remove and clean without having to move your entire system.

The side panel on the opposite side of the case is slightly raised / elevated in the middle and is otherwise plain except for a spot for a single 120mm fan directly behind the CPU socket area. On the back of the case you will find a mounting location for another 120mm fan with a block for fan speed controls just above it. There are four spots on the fan speed control panel, one switch controls the LED light in the 200mm fan on the top of the case, the rest are labeled for fan use but are empty. There are two holes in the back of the case, with rubber grommets installed, for routing hoses to an external water cooling set-up or the likes. There is also a quarter inch wide row of cooling vents on the back of the case that allows for ventilation into the area behind the motherboard tray.

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The bottom of the case has a single opening for a 120mm fan below the PSU area and four case feet made of hard plastic. We are not fans of the plastic feet, we prefer no-slip rubber feet that keep the case from moving and provide an added padding against noise from case vibration.

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Our case happened to be damaged when it arrived. One of the feet was bent in slightly, we are unsure if this happened during shipping or during manufacturing but it was easily remedied by popping it out from the inside of the case.

Although looks are subjective, I think we can all agree that the exterior of the Antec Eleven Hundred is definitely sleek and stylish, without being over the top or gaudy.