Athena Atlas 800 Power Supply Review

This is not our normal PSU review, in fact it is likely to get much more attention from IT professionals than computer hardware enthusiasts. Two 800 watt power supplies all in the space of one PS2-sized desktop PSU. Is there any way that Athena can be supplying a high quality power output from such a small space?


Athena Computer Power Corp is a name perhaps not well known to most enthusiasts, but as a company it has been around since 2004. The majority of the power products made and sold by Athena target IPCs, OEMs, ODMs, and replacement power supply markets for integrated products, servers, and mainframe computer systems. In addition to this, in the power supply field, Athena serves as the US importer and distributor for Zippy, and as a supplier of a whole host of other related products from chassis to external enclosure to mobile racks. Today, we will be doing a full review on our first product from Athena, the Atlas 800 800W (AP-RRP4ATX6808) which we first showed in our recent The Black Art of Dual PSUs in Your Enthusiast PC article.

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Carrying the Weight of Your System on Its Shoulders, Redundantly

Today's Athena Atlas 800 is the first redundant power supply we have reviewed, and it comes in at a whopping 800 watts! In addition to being the first redundant power supply we have seen, the Atlas 800 is the first power supply we have seen from Athena as well which means we don't really have a solid set of baseline impressions to be working off of. As such, we are going to simply start off with expecting that what Athena has to say about the unit is true and go from there. One of the key things that Athena has to say about this unit, is that the Athena Atlas 800 is unique among mini-redundant power supplies because it was the first 80Plus Bronze certified redundant power supply:

Creating a new definition for more power, Athena Computer Power Corp. proudly introduces the new 800 Watt PSU, the ATLAS800 PLUS, model number (AP-RRP4ATX6808). Like the ATLAS700 this PSU offers an extra 100 Watts just in case 700 Watts was not enough for your power needs. This Mini-Redundant power supply provides power reliability to server builders and computer users with the power they want and need. The Mini-Redundant power supply unit not only services an extra unit that standbys 24/7, but also minimizes power lost and creates efficiency by eliminating issues of overheating power adapters. The ATLAS700 Watt Mini-Redundant features an Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), remote ON/OFF function, 80PLUS certification, and includes a PMBus solution.

80PLUS certification requires a power supply to operate at a minimum of 80% efficiency. The certification level of 80PLUS certification indicates that the power supply operates at a minimum of 80% efficiency at 20% and 100% load, and 85% efficiency at 50% load. According to test results, the ATLAS800 PLUS has passed all requirements and has exceeded the 80PLUS requirements.

PMBus or Power Management Bus solution is a great option for all system administrators. Its analog-to-digital interface allows users to monitor power supply operating conditions. Also the PMBus specification does not put constraints on power-supply architecture, form factor, power input, power output, or any other characteristics of the supply.

Now that we have the background of the Atlas 800 and what Athena has to say about the product, let’s move on to see what the unit looks and what we get with it when we order one.