Thermaltake Level 10 GT Computer Chassis Review

While certainly not new The Thermaltake Level 10 is still very much an eye catching and original chassis. Thermaltake has updated this chassis icon with the new Level 10 GT. This time the price is down in the mid-$200 making this GT a lot easier on the wallet than the previous Level 10. Is there function to its form, or is it all show?


The Level 10 case from Thermaltake was a case that made a lot of waves in tech circles around the web. Love it or hate pretty much every technophile heard about it. Born from a collaborative effort between BMW and Thermaltake, the Level 10 was a unique departure from case design to say the least. Each portion of a PC had its own compartment separated from the rest of the PC. It was a masterpiece of engineering and was unfortunately priced as such. At $799 USD the Level 10 did not land on too many peoples’ radar.

Fast forward to today and we have the evolution of that case in the form of the Level 10 GT. Wholly designed by Thermaltake this time around the Level 10 GT gets much of its inspiration from its predecessor while also returning to a more conventional case design (and price). So let’s kick the tires and take this case for a spin around the block.

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The Level 10 GT tips the cash register at a MSRP of $256.40 (With FREE Shipping at Amazon) which is considerably more tolerable then its older sibling but certainly not cheap.

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