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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Don't Buy Global Agenda - Editorial

Never heard of Global Agenda? Me either till today. We are however giving the game development company a free pass here to tell you to NOT buy this new game. Confused yet? You won't be after you read this editorial, but you still will be punished for being a "Hi-Rez" user.

What is Global Agenda?

Global Agenda is a new game from Hi-Rez Studios. A team based First Person Shooter with some RPG elements thrown in and if that were not enough these guys will even let you be part of its MMO add-on. Here is the official statement.

Create, customize, and develop multiple agent characters, complementing your FPS skills with accessible RPG-style progression. Unlock weaponry and cutting edge devices including jetpacks, grenade launchers, mines, deployable turrets, stealth suits, holographic decoys, robotic droids and HUNDREDS of others.

But why should I type here and try to communicate to you when you can listen to well scripted narration about Global Agenda. Here is a little video about the Hi-Rez' game just to make sure it gets a fair shake here on our pages.

Now let's get to the meat of the matter.

HardOCP's Global Agenda

Here at HardOCP we love our computer hardware and gaming. Odds are if you reading this, we share this passion. We want bigger, better, faster, and cooler if we can get it. We want the ultimate gaming experience. This is what I had to say recently about multi-display gaming, primarily AMD's Eyefinity since it is currently the state of the art technology on the market. As shown in the previous link, NVIDIA will soon have a multi-display solution using SLI or dual GPU single video cards.

I am still getting feedback from folks that seem to think Eyefinity is some kind of gimmick. Well it is not. Eyefinity is the real deal and has done more to enhance our gaming experiences at HardOCP than anything else has in a long time. 3dfx SLI brought me 1024x768. Then a few cards brought me 1600x1200 and then 2560x1200. Then Eyefinity brought me 5760x1200 and 3600x1920. Am I saying that Eyefinity is the single most important technology since 3dfx’ SLI? Yes I am. I fully believe that we are only at the tip of the ice berg.

Multi-display technology is still in its infancy and early adopters are dealing with some of the rocky roads that go along with being first, but rest assured we are also reaping the benefits of a more immersive gaming experience than we have ever had on our desktops.

I love my Eyefinity setup, and I hope it is only going to get better.

What has me a bit riled up is that Hi-Rez Studios is locking out the users of Eyefinity, TripleHead2Go, and SoftTH from enjoying their hard earned computer hardware when it comes to playing Global Agenda.

When asked about support for multi-display gaming technologies by one of its beta testers, HR Studios' reply was short, to the point, and without explanation.

"no, since it would give an unfair advantage"

Does having 4.096 million pixels give you an "unfair advantage" over the guys that have 1.92 million pixels? That is what a gamer sees playing on a 2560x1600 LCD compared to a guy on display supporting 1600x1200 resolution. Hi-Rez Studios has no issue supporting that. According to Hi-Rez Studios' stance, the gamer with 6.912 million pixels (5760x1200 - 3x1 24" monitors) does have an unfair advantage over the gamer with 4.096 million pixels (2560x1600) and therefore, YOU will not be allowed to properly use your Eyefinity or other multi-display configuration to play its game.

What is next? If my mouse is better than yours you are locking me out of your game? Jeez, what about video cards in general? We could make stupid comparisons all day, but let's make just one to muddy the waters a bit more. If I have a Radeon 5870 with a single display and you have a Matrox Parhelia with a 3x1 display, you have the advantage. LOL!

I have been around the block a few times in the hardware world in the last 13 years and I can tell you this. Eyefinity brings more realism to your gaming experience than the first pixel shader did. I don't go through life with blinders on, why should my gaming experience? I have never seen a game developer limit its technology from being more immersive because someone else did not have as many pixels in front of him. That is exactly what Hi-Rez Studios is doing and I think it sets a terrible example and is harmful to PC gaming overall.

And let's face it, if that poor bastard setting up the turret in the video would have had some Eyefinity loving, that purple dude with the sword would not have cut his head off.

The Bottom Line

If you don't want game developers telling you how you can and cannot use your hardware, don't buy its games. Hi-Rez Studios is singling out Eyefinity and other multi-display users and not allowing us guys to use the enthusiast computer hardware that we worked hard for. Do not buy its games. Pass along that message! Post it on forums. Post it in blogs. Put it on Facebook. Totally bitch out and Tweet it. But for god's sake don't buy games from companies that try to stifle your gaming experience.

What is really fubarred here is the fact that a company named "Hi-Rez" won't let you play its games at "high rez." How screwed up is that? But you know, "Only Up to This Much Rez Studios" just does not have the same ring to it.


Here is our original ATI Eyefinity Technology Video if you are not familiar with it. After the intro, there is about 5 minutes of Eyefinity gameplay footage at the end if you want to see more of Eyefinity in action.

Here is where I hope to see my personal Eyefinity setup move to at home. :)

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