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OCZ Z Series: Z850M 850W Power Supply Review

Today we see what OCZ means when it says, "True to our enthusiast roots..." OCZ claims ultra-high efficiency and has gotten an Gold Certification. The 850 watt realm has proved elusive for great power supplies. Now to see if this PSU can garner an [H] "certification?"


OCZ Technology is a company that has been around in various forms since 2000 and is most well known for marketing high performance memory modules. Like a number of other companies OCZ has diversified its offerings to include power supplies, cooling products, and even video cards at times. This diversification into the power supply field was never more obvious than when last year OCZ Technology acquired PC Power & Cooling naming PC Power & Cooling’s Doug Dodson as Chief Technology Officer. With this move OCZ certainly can be seen as becoming a player in the enthusiast power supply market, but OCZ's and PC Power & Cooling's approaches to power supplies have historically been diametric opposites so today’s look at a fifth OCZ power supply, and the first rated at 850W, should be another interesting one. The new OCZ Z Series 850W (OCZ Z850M) breaks one of PC Power & Cooling’s tenets of good power supplies as it is a modular unit. As with the ModXStream PRO 700W this unit is provided by Sirtec (technically now Sirfa).

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From X to Z

The OCZ Z series represents OCZ's new top of the line power supplies as well as the highest efficiency units in OCZ's line up. We have previously seen 4 power supplies from OCZ that have been all over in terms of performance and quality but today's Z series is by far the most promising of the lot. While efficiency isn't the "end all and be all" metric of a power supply, making a mass production 80Plus Gold unit is no small feat today (tomorrow is another story). The only previous 80Plus Gold unit we have seen is the Seasonic X-750 which was an absolutely phenomenal unit and as such sets the bar very high for all other units that bank large parts of the advertising and appeal on efficiency. So what does OCZ have to say for its new lean mean green fighting machine?

True to our enthusiast roots, OCZ Technology designed and developed the Z Series for power users searching for nothing but the best. Paving the way toward the most efficient means of achieving high-end performance, these PSUs feature ultra-high efficiency of 90% and have achieved the 80+ Gold Certification. OCZ strived to make the Gold Z Series a true "best-in-class" power supply, including a powerful single +12-volt rail design and an industrial-grade core engineered for maximum stability and reliability. Built for excellence, the Z Series raises the bar in power management and provides an unparalleled solution for enthusiasts who won’t settle for anything less.

Let's move on to see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the OCZ Z850M in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.