Intel Core i5 Performance Preview

We take our retail purchased Intel Core i5-750 out for a spin and pit it against Intel's Core i7-965, We tweak the i5-750 to run at the same processor and memory speeds. i5 at 3.2GHz/1600MHz vs. i7 at 3.2GHz/1600MHz.


Synthetic Benchmarks

Our regular readers know that we do not put much weight into synthetic benchmarks like those shown below. The fact of the matter is that most of the deltas you see below in performance using these synthetic benchmarks will not relate to actual performance differences you will see in real world applications.

That said, the overclocking and computer hardware enthusiast communities are full of members that use synthetic benchmarks as a measuring stick when it comes to who has the biggest ePeen. We have moved to using synthetic benchmarks for another reason. That reason is that synthetic benchmarks are the easiest way of telling if you have a problem with your hardware quickly and easily. Additionly, synthetic benchmarks are the easiest way to tune your system for performance gains as well.

Sandra Memory Bandwidth Buffered Integer

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Given that we are looking at a Dual Channel DDR3 system as compared to a Triple Channel DDR3 system, I would suggest that there are no surprises in this benchmark. In fact, the i5 did a tad bit better than we expected it to. Possibly the reason is the more robust Integrated Memory Controller that is present on the Lynnfield Core i5.

Sandra CPU Drystone ALU (2009 v1542)

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Keep in mind here that we have pitted the 4C/4T i5 against a 4C/8T i7. Dhrystone shows to be utilizing Intel's HyperThreading quite well in a benchmark that I would not normally consider a champion of HT.

Hiper Pi v 0.99B

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We run Hiper Pi in a single thread mode. Above we see the two processors come in with almost identical scores. The i7 showing to be a hair faster than the i5.

wPrime v2.00

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wPrime is a highly threaded application that actually calculates Pi (like the test above) rather than prime integers as you might think. We see wPrime allow the i7 to take a good lead here as it can leverage the four HyperThreading cores available on the i7.