Thermalright Ultra Extreme Copper CPU Cooler Review

Did you think that you already owned the biggest baddest air cooler in the world? Well you are wrong. Soon a few thousand of you will get the ability to join the Ultra Extreme Copper Club. Size does matter, and even more so, what you're made of.


Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme Copper

The Thermalright Ultra Extreme Copper is the culmination of years of research mixed with a bit of risk. Thermalright has taken its very best CPU cooler and done what few others have dared to do, make it entirely out of copper. The reason this is a bit revolutionary is due to the high cost of copper in addition to the additional weight it adds. Since the TRUE Copper is identical in every way to its predecessor, we will take a brief look at this updated version before getting right to testing.

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Package & Specs

Thermalright has decided to mix things up a bit here with the packaging for the TRUE Copper. It still continues the tradition of simplicity but this time they go with a white box and emboss the name of the cooler on the top of the box. I am indifferent when it comes to aesthetics such as these insofar that the product works as advertised.

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When it comes to the specs of the cooler, I am far from indifferent. Thermalright Ultra Extreme specifications have changed in a big way! From the photos of the TRUE Copper it is obvious that the design of the cooler remains identical to its predecessor. The difference comes when you look as the weight of an all copper cooler. Weighing in at 1900 grams is not something to be taken lightly. At nearly 4.2 pounds this cooler is ready to snap your motherboard in half and as it crashes into your expensive video card. While that may be a bit on the dramatic side, I would be very cautious mounting this cooler for long periods of time in a tower case. Under no circumstances would I recommend moving your case with this cooler installed. Don't take my word for it. Here is an excerpt straight from Thermalright's website:

TRUE Copperآ’s weight exceeds all of our previous heat sinks. Due to this reason, we strongly suggest installing it on a horizontal platform. Even though in our test lab, TRUE Copper was taken out for a test drive on a vertical platform and ran without a glitch as the motherboard came out unscathed. But since not all motherboards are manufactured the same way in terms of thickness and degree of stress, Thermalright cannot guarantee the condition of your motherboard after TRUE Copper is installed for a certainly amount of time. If you insist installing on a vertical platform, please check to make sure your motherboard is sturdy enough.

Dimensions: 133 (L) x 156 (W) x 38 (H) mm

Weight: 1900g (790g for the original)

Material: Copper fins, copper base and six copper heat pipes

Heat Pipes: 6 full length


  • Intel Core i7 (optional)
  • Intel LGA 775
  • AMD AM2
  • AMD 754
  • AMD 939
  • AMD 940
  • AMD AM2/AM2+/socket F(1207)/1207+


  • None included

Contents & Flatness

I usually donآ’t make much mention of the contents of a package unless something is missing or otherwise problematic. In this case though, I want to praise Thermalright for their method of packing the contents of their cooler. For someone who has to sift through dozens of coolers without losing all the little screws and clamps what you see below is a welcomed packaging design.

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The flatness of the TRUE Copperآ’s base is comparable to the previous version of the TRUE and will provide excellent contact. The imperfections seen on the base are our fault. In my excitement to test this new unit I failed to photograph its base prior to testing.


Here are a couple of photos of the TRUE Copper by itself as well as next to the original.

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So as not to waste time, I wonآ’t repeat the installation routine for the TRUE Copper as it is identical to the original TRUE. For those who are interested please refer to our previous look at the TRUE here.