Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE & Real Power Pro 1000w

We have been fans of Stacker chassis for a while and now days Cooler Master is pairing this monster case with a beast of a power supply weighing in at 1000 watts. Are we finally seeing a chassis and PSU combination worth its salt?



The Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE & Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000w combo is the third power supply (and first case) we have seen from Cooler Master. Most recently we reviewed the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w and quite simply we had the hardest time not recommending the unit after it would not complete the full load test at 100v AC input as the unit was so exceptional in every other way. Today, however, we find ourselves looking at the power supply slotted just below that one the Real Power Pro 1000w. This is with a bit of a twist though as this unit is coming to us as part of a package with the Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE. Now if there is just one truism about power supplies it is آ“the power supplies that come with cases usually suck.آ” With the potential we saw in the Real Power Pro 1250w though, can Cooler Master's slightly lower powered offering take this truism and blow it out the water? Or does even the Real Power Pro 1000w fit this truism?

HardOCPآ’s testing methodology is intended to very much push power supplies to their advertised wattage rating in temperatures that will represent some of the hottest computer enthusiast cases. So if a unit passes all our testing it is definitely not something to take lightly. In fact we expect more power supplies to fail our testing than make it through unscathed

Build Quality

The Cooler Master Stacker 830SE is an all around excellent case with almost all the features users would expect from a high end aluminum case and the Real Power Pro 1000w is an excellent pairing with this case given the units layout, connector count, and cable lengths. However, while a very good looking, sturdy, versatile, and well appointed case I personally find two small areas to look for improvements with the case on. The first is the plastic, instead of aluminum door and the second is lack of space for routing the bulkier power supply cables efficiently behind the motherboard tray. (Editorآ’s note: I have to take note with both of Paulآ’s issues with the case. The plastic door can simply take much more abuse than an aluminum one would and the plastic retains it shape and is simply not going to be damaged as easily. One the mention of the issues with cables and spacing, you can very well run many cables under the motherboard itself (not the tray) and give yourself a much more well managed build. The fact is though, once you fill eight or nine 5.25آ” drive bays you are simply going to have a lot of wires to deal with.)

The overall build quality of the Cooler Master Real Power Pro was very similar to the Real Power Pro 1250w, but the Real Power Pro 1000w is improved. While the unitآ’s primary side features Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors on both units the secondary side of the Real Power Pro 1250w was a virtual grab bag of less than desirable capacitors including Su'scon and unidentifiable brands. The Real Power Pro 1000w fixed this by replacing this grab bag with a full complement of better Teapo capacitors. Beyond that the build quality of the unit was very good with an excellent heatsink and fan setup that is more than capable of cooling the unit while being very quiet at the same time. Additionally, the unitآ’s cabling, fit, and finish were excellent. The cables are all well sleeved to the end of the cable, which many companies skip. The PSU has more than enough connectors for even the most high end of systems which is fitting for the Stacker 830SE chassis.

Load Testing

With the previously reviewed Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w we found that that unit featured excellent load testing results that quite frankly would be hard to top by any unit, with the exception of the unit not being able to complete a full load test at 100v AC input. The Real Power Pro 1000w seems to have taken up that challenge and hit it out of the park as the unit did everything the 1250w did, then did more. With its 81.57% to 84.94% efficiency at 120v, its 80.91% to 84.53% efficiency at 100v, and its voltage regulation showing a maximum change of just 0.13v across the unitآ’s entire 80A 12v capacity at both 120v and 100v the Real Power Pro 1000w not only was an excellent performer; it indeed bested many load testing numbers from more than a few competitors.

At the same time the unitآ’s transient response was good with the unit exhibiting a maximum 12v change of ~200mV on the loaded 12v rail. The largest induced change on an unloaded 12v rail occurred during Test #1 at 100mV. The 5v rail did equally well with the unit exhibiting at most a ~100mV change when loaded. With all these values being small and the set points for each rail being slightly above the nominal values the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000w easily passed the transient load testing today.

DC Output Quality

The most succinct thing to say about the DC output quality of the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000w was that it was uniformly excellent across all of our tests. The unit peaked at ~1/3 the ATX12v specification for ripple/noise on the 12v rails all the way through testing, even when the unit was fully loaded. At loads less than 50%, the ripple/noise is so slight that it is hard to judge without dropping our voltage divider which is extremely impressive. On top of that, the Real Power Pro 1000w continued the trend of the little brother doing everything the big brother can do and doing it better as the 3.3v and 5v rails were less active than its big brother peaking at just ~15mV. The Real Power Pro 1000w DC Output Quality is outstanding.


Power supplies that fall into the 1000w+ range are typically not thought of as quiet and certainly are scoffed at by quiet cooling aficionados; however the Real Power Pro 1250w showed us that in our testing at least you can have extremely powerful power supplies that can also do a good church mouse impression. The Real Power Pro 1000w follows in that fine tradition today as it was at all times unremarkable in our testing environment no matter the test or where I listened for the unit. The 135mm fan the unit uses is apparently paired with just about the most optimal fan controller it could be as the unit was quiet without sacrificing cooling, as is quite often the case, as the unit peaked at just 55c for an exhaust temperature. That is only 15c over our ambient testing temperature of 40c. The Real Power Pro 1000w is possibly one of the best 1000w+ power supplies we have not heard to date.

The Bottom Line

What do you get when you take a truly top of the line power supply and pair it with a top of the line case and sell the whole combination for $379.99 ($344.99 after MIR)? You get a combination in the Stacker 830SE & Real Power Pro 1000w that takes the one power supply truism, آ“Power supplies that come bundled with cases suck,آ” and turns it on its ear. Sure there are some adequate power supplies bundled with some cases but the Real Power Pro 1000w is nothing short of one of the best power supplies we have had for review bar none. The Real Power Pro 1000w was so good that it completely bested the amazing performance of the Real Power Pro 1250w in all of our metrics today including voltage regulation, efficiency, and DC Output Quality while being able to deliver all of its power under all conditions tested.

At the current pricing, the Cooler Master Stacker 830SE & Real Power Pro 1000w combination looks to be a one stop shop for a high end case and power supply that is a solid value. Considering آ“low endآ” 1000w PSUs will cost you around $200, and the Cooler Master Real Power 1000w comes in at $299.99 alone, $45 or $50 آ“extraآ” for a Stacker 830 case certainly does not seem like a bad deal.

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Cooler Master Stacker 830SE & Real Power Pro 1000w

Both are Gold worthy on their own as well.


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