Rumble Roses XX

Are you looking for a wrestling game that features scantily clad 3D women wearing so little it actually makes you uncomfortable to play in the presence of real women? If so, we found your game!


The vixens of wrestling are back. Delivering looks that kill with the visual "enhancements" that you would expect for a next generation game, Rumble Roses XX is more than just another pretty face. Get in the ring and unload submission holds, reversals, and an increased number of other new moves. Customize your own character, then go online and team up with another beauty in head-to-head and tag team matches. Fight fair or fight dirty and humiliate your opponents.

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Break down and humiliate your opponents with a wider variety of moves, reversals and combinations, then finish them off with a unique and powerful finishing move, and use your partner to execute a wildly powerful double-team action move! Get online with Xbox Live! Compete online as a team or go head-to-head, check out online rankings, upload/download images from character photo shoots and more.

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The Story

There is absolutely no attempt made at a story in Rumble Roses. While the DoA franchise at least made an attempt at a story, Rumble Roses XX offers nothing more than a brief opening video that showcases some of the girls.

If you are like most of the people that saw the non-stop press coverage, videos, previews and screenshots leading up to the release of Rumble Roses XX, your interest was, at the very least piqued with what you saw of this next generation all female wrestling title from Konami. For most folks, Rumble Roses XX looked like a wresting version of DoA Extreme Beach Volleyballآ…with choke holds and arm bars instead of a volleyball and net. Letآ’s take a look closer look at the game.

The Players

Rumble Roses has 10 playable wrestlers that have both a آ“goodآ” side and a آ“badآ” side for a total of 20 playable characters. There are a few bonus characters that can also be unlocked but we will talk more about that later.

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So, with only ten core wrestlers and ten wrestlers that are simply different versions (good side / bad side) of the same characters variety is pretty lacking in the area of character selection. To make matters worse, all the characters bodies are exactly the same, the only thing that is different are the playerآ’s heads.

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If you thought the player selection was a bit on the bare side, wait until you see the selection of arenas. There are only five playable arenas in the game. Actually, if you want to be technical, there is just under a dozen arenas but that is only because some of the original four are available in a آ“nightآ” or "cloudy" setting. They are the exact same level except at night.


The controls are as limited as character selection and arenas. Game play consists of strike attacks and grappling. To perform a strike attack, repeatedly smash the X button. Yup, that is it, just hit the X button over and over. To perform a kick, use the D-pad while you smash the X button. The number of hits you can do will depend on which character you have.

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To perform a grapple move, you guessed it, smash the Y button repeatedly. Using the D-pad in conjunction with the Y button will allow you to select between a standing grapple and a ground grapple. Press up on the D-pad while you mash the Y button and you will perform a standing grapple. Press down on the D-pad while you hit the Y button and you will perform a ground grapple.

The A button is used to آ“dashآ” towards your opponent or towards the ropes. This can be useful to get momentum for a strike. Killer moves, Lethal moves, H-move and Double X moves are all mapped to the right and left buttons.

The B button does practically everything else. Want to leave the ring? Press B. Get back in the ring? Press B. Want to pin your opponent? Release a submission hold? Climb up a corner post for a flying maneuver? Pick up an item in the ring? You guessed itآ….press B.