Behind the Infinium Phantom Console

Many of us are well aware of the buzz surrounding the Phantom gaming console and the promises made by the company developing it. We look past the hype and press releases and take an honest look at who's behind the Phantom and the success of their previous ventures.


Infinium Labs Headquarters

Since January of this year, about the time we first heard of the Phantom console, the address given for Infinium Labs has been listed as 5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida 34228. This is confirmed by the register information listing the same address for the Infinium Labs website:

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Some months back we sent a photographer out to take a look at the Infinium Labs base of operations at the address listed above, but found only a small strip mall. At that time, there was only one open office space, and it contained a single desk and a telephone. Other than that, there were only a few small businesses located at this address. We were unable to tell if the open office space was Infinium Labs or not.

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We sent another photographer to the address about six months later only to find that there was still no Infinium Labs located at this address, and that there hasn't been, at least according to the other residents of the mall. We contacted the Mail Boxes Etc. located at this address and discovered that mail sent to the Infinium Labs address would end up there for pick up, there was no actual storefront or office space just a post office box (#409) for Infinium Labs. These are the pictures from our most recent trip to the address listed by the Infinium Labs website. This is the office listed for the last eight months. That fact may make you wonder where the Phantom console is actually being developed. Certainly it makes sense that you would want any mail for your only public contact address coming to your offices, or so you would think.

Our Thoughts & Opinions

What do we think of all of this?

We were surprised that there wasn't even an office at the address listed for Infinium Labs. The use of a post office box as the main contact point for Infinium Labs was very surprising as well. We spoke to Mr. Roberts today and he confirmed that there are currently no physical offices for the Infinium Corporation, but he assures us that they are on the way. Combine these elements with a past history of bankruptcies and failed business ventures, and it paints a very bleak picture of the possible success of this company.

Mr. Roberts made a couple of statements on the phone today when we asked him about his past business dealings. In reference to building businesses, he made the following statement:

"To get really good at doing this, you have to do multiple companies."

He also told us:

"When you play high risk games, you are not going to win all the time."

We liken investors giving Mr. Roberts money to people playing dice in Vegas. You just have to roll enough times and sooner or later you'll get a winner. Obviously, this isn't a solid winning strategy in Vegas or the business world.

Mr. Roberts didn't seem to be too happy with our telephone call and scolded me a bit for calling him at his "$3,000,000 home." Interestingly enough, we called him at the phone number he lists as his voice contact number. In his email today, he listed the Infinium Labs Corporation address as 1819 Main Street - Ste 800, Sarasota, FL 34326. A call to this office building turned up a volunteer that went and checked the directory in the lobby. When she found no companies at all listed on the eighth floor, she decided to travel up to the eighth floor and have a look for herself. She explained that the eighth floor at the above listed address was a "ghost town" and that certainly "no business is being done from there."

We asked Mr. Roberts to share with us what businesses in his past that he saw as a "win." In his own words, he stated that Savvis was the only business that he considered a "win." A little research on our part showed SVVS to be trading on the NASDAQ today for $1.32 a share and having fallen in risk of being delisted previously because of its share price falling under a dollar. Savvis did not IPO till 2000 at a price of $24.00 per share, and very little financial information is available prior to that. Mr. Roberts was 27 years old in 1997 when he left Savvis.

The facts speak for themselves: company closures, bankruptcy, investors losing millions of dollars, and current آ“Directorآ” positions where the company isnآ’t even sure he works for them and cannot find his e-mail address or telephone number. Mr. Roberts has been involved with one "successful" business venture in eight years according to his own resume. He followed that one up with several bankrupt and failed businesses. It's been documented by other sources that millions and millions of dollars were "burned through" in the last six years. We think that it's possible that the same fate could very possibly befall Infinium Labs.

Mr. Roberts is once again creating interest in a product he is trying to market. We're led to believe he has successfully secured at least $25 million dollars in venture capital, though has yet to produce a base of operations in the last eight months since the Phantom console was announced. Trying to successfully launch a new game console with a post office box as your business headquarters does not instill much faith in Mr. Roberts' latest outing, not to mention his documented track record of business involvements.

Personally, we think this is a prime case of آ“Buyer Bewareآ”. We also encourage people to do their own homework and investigations on companies that step into the public spotlight looking for investors.