BFG Technologies

More guys showing up to fill the recent VisionTek void and they claim to be packing Big Friggin' Guns. We give you a look at who they are and what they are wanting to deliver when it comes to selling VidCards in North America.


What Will BFG Be Selling?

BFG Tech will be selling a line of cards that will carry the "Asylum" name. We posted a bit of a teaser on the news page last night that alludes to this. To start off they will be selling a basic reference design line of GeForce 4 cards, but this is not where their focus lies. This is rather a needed stepping stone to get where they want to be. Here is the box art you will be seeing representing their current product line up.

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Article Image Article Image

To put it in simple terms, there is going to be nothing special with their first hardware. They will be continuing on in the same spirit with Lifetime Warranties and Tech Support through both phone and email channels. Their products will be made overseas by people that have been in the VidCard business for quite a while and know the ropes. Building their cards overseas will allow them to break from the known retail mold here in the States and start offering up something else on a large scale.

BFG Tech Philosophy:

I think it is pretty obvious from looking at the box art that BFG Tech is not your normal every day card builder. They are going to be approaching the enthusiast as well as the mainstream with a "For Gamers / By Gamers" mentality. To make it short and sweet, BFG Tech is going to strive to do something that none of the other card builders have been able to do in the USA with any success; deliver cards for the [H]ardCore.

In that I mean that BFG Tech is looking to build VidCards with some features that are important to us. Smart looking cards, with good cooling units and high quality Ram that will allow us to OC out of the box with good results. Gainward has done a great job at this but they have not been successful at getting into the big mainstream channels here in North America and from what BFG tells us, they are already there...except for their initial product.

At this point it seems that NVIDIA based cards are certainly going to be their focus but they did state that they wanted to cater to "PC enthusiasts, starting with NVIDIA based graphic cards and branching out from there."

Conclusions & Delusions:

I have been on the sidelines watching this happen over the last 30 days and I have to say that I am impressed with how fast these guys are moving. They already have product on the way in to sell! They already have box art and a marketing plan together! They already have commitments for orders from the big guys! To put it simply, it is incredible. Still we are yet to see product on the shelves or the BFG Technologies infrastructure in place although they do have the resources to pull it off. Now we will just have to see if they can execute on several things.

Stock to fill purchase orders is of course something that tops the list, but they will need to man their tech support centers with people that can do the job and that will not be an easy task. They shared with us that their goal was to put cards into retail sale by mid-October. They have some monumental challenges to face, but I have to say that their attitudes and enthusiasm are wound up so tight that I think the energy needed to accomplish the task is there. They have the desire and as of today, they now have the cash. It will be interesting to see if they pull it off. If they do it will surely say something about their character and desire to be part of the hardware community.

I think what we will see BFG Tech do is rev up their sales with the current reference design product and while that is happening, they will get the bugs in their infrastructure smoothed out, as their are sure to be a few. Once that is done, I think we can count on seeing some products that will live up to the enthusiast community's standards. I doubt they will be spending many resources on retooling the current GeForce 4 line but rather looking ahead to the NV30 release. I bet that is when we will really see what BFG Tech wants to bring to the market place. A quality product with enthusiast features will certainly be welcome in North America, especially with a solid warranty and support behind it.

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