Skywell Magic TNT2

We first came to know Skywell and their products a little over a year ago. They have since then, graduated into a much move diverse company than just manufacturing video cards. They do not advertise themselves as the "Most" or the "Fastest" but do produce some quality mechandise that is really easy on the pocket book. I met with them in Taipei at Computex to sit and listen to their new speaker systems they have on the market, it is some very impressive stuff. This is a look at their TNT2 and it is very different from any TNT2 that we will probably see. As for "Plaything of the Gods", well you will see what we do to it but we are far from gods, but it sure made a cool sounding title.

First you are probably asking why the hell is this TNT2 card different? Well, it is pretty easy to see why it is different. It IS different. This is the only TNT2 card that I have seen that did not have a bunch of crap soldered onto the back of it. So this is surely Skywell's own PCB design. This is also what they did on their V2 and TNT cards but I guess I kinda expected this TNT2 to be a reference designed card.

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32 Megs of ram on this badboy, my card happens to have SGRam, the stuff that is supposed to work bettor for graphics. See how the back is supermodel smooth? No bothersome transistors or capacitors sticking up. This is the only card I have seen like this.

Another thing that really makes this board stand out is the color of the PCB. It is just neat to see it done in something other than the regular greeen. Although brown is not exactly cutting edge, we will deal with it. How bout a fire-engine red next time?

You might be asking where the fan is also. This card did NOT come with one attached. Considering we have simply ripped the majority of them off, it was kind of a nice deal. No glue to jack with yada, yada, yada...........

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Here are the two stickers that you see on the back. Nuttin special, but at least we know they got some QC action working, or at least went out of the way and bought the stickers. :)

The last unusual thing about this card is that the unit I have is NOWHERE near the spec unit that is being sold by Skywell on their Magic-3D site. They are advertising a 150 mem / 150 core speed and my card is 140 / 125. Also my card had the SGRam as mentioned above but the Skywell site shows that SDRam is shipping on the cards. So all in all, this card I have for review is not even available to the general public anywhere as far as I can figure out.

So why the hell are we even talking about it? Well, we came to some issues about SGRam I thought we would discuss. Oh yeah, we got a "little" project going also.