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Wednesday November 30, 2016

[H] H20 Mod of the Day

Proof once again that we have some of the most talented and resourceful readers on the planet. Need a bigger radiator for your factory water cooled video card? Why spend the extra money on a complete custom loop when you can do it yourself using old all-in-one cooler parts you have laying around?

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[H]ardware Round-Up II

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 880K @ Legit Reviews

ETC.: Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard @ LanOC

Roccat Skeltr RGB Gaming Keyboard @ Modders Inc.

Mobile: Lenovo Ideapad Y900 @ ThinkComputers

Storage: ZOTAC SONIX PCI-E 480GB SSD @ FunkyKit

CORSAIR Celebrates 10 Years Of PSUs Limited RM1000i Special Edition

CORSAIRآ®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components, today reached two new milestones, celebrating ten years since first entering the PSU market and the sale of the ten millionth CORSAIR PSU. Over the past decade, CORSAIR has revolutionized the enthusiast PSU industry with an unrelenting commitment to product quality and innovation that has seen the PSU evolve from an after-thought into the high-quality heart of a modern PC. CORSAIR has championed a range of key features to push PC power supplies to new levels of performance, functionality and customization. Modular PSUs have made building PCs easier, Zero RPM fan mode allows the PSU’s fan to switch off entirely under low loads and with digitally controlled power and CORSAIR LINK PSU monitoring, users can find out exactly how their PSU is performing in an instant.

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To commemorate this achievement, CORSAIR is proud to announce the extremely limited CORSAIR RM1000i Special Edition. Individually numbered, finished in striking arctic white and equipped with both a white LED-lit cooling fan and new individually sleeved white cables, only 100 of these PSUs will be built, giving enthusiasts a chance to own a unique piece of CORSAIR history.


Just a reminder that we are giving one of these extremely limited CORSAIR RM1000i Special Edition PSUs away right HERE.

No Man's Sky Cleared By U.K. Ad Watchdog

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has issued a ruling on the complaints against Hello Games for misleading advertising of No Man's Sky. Head on over to Blue's for all the news.

They say: "We investigated the ad under CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation) and 3.11 (Exaggeration), but did not find it in breach." Their entire write-up is lengthy, but repeats the same point, talking about all the things that can be "understood" (the word appears in the statement 14 times) from the game's advertising.


YouTube Rolling Out 4K Live Streaming

YouTube has just announced that it is rolling out 4K live streaming with both standard and 360آ؛ viewing at up to 60 frames per second. Those of you eager to start burning through your bandwidth cap can start by watching the Video Game Awards tomorrow at 6pm PST.

4K video isn’t just a little different from HD video; it’s a giant leap. It shows 8 MILLION pixels total, with an image that has four times more image definition than even 1080p video. What does this mean in real world terms? Live streams look better, show a more detailed, crisper picture, and aren’t as blurry when there’s fast action on screen. Basically, 4K makes everything better to look at. And because we support 4K at up to 60 frames per second, creators can make content that looks silky smooth, and more realistic than ever before.


10 Things To Do When Your PC Can’t Run A New Game

Now I know none of you have ever had this problem but this list is still pretty entertaining. My favorites on the list are the one about obsessing over benchmarks and the one about overclocking. smile

No matter how close your PC is to the specs listed in a given publication’s benchmark, you will not be able to run the game nearly as well as their benchmark suggests. This person at TechTimesPro is averaging 80fps with your card! This person at MegaBitz is getting 75fps. You’re getting, like, 32fps at best. Clearly this is your fault.


Court Awards Damages Following Bogus DMCA Takedowns

What's that you say? You can actually fight back against bogus copyright takedowns and win? That's exactly what happened in this case and the guy was even awarded damages. eek!

Topdawg Entertainment Inc., Interscope Records and Universal Music Group must pay damages after issuing false DMCA notices which damaged an artist's reputation. Montreal hip hop artist Jonathan Emile teamed up with Kendrick Lamar on a track, but the labels wrongfully took it down from YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud.


More Than 1M Google Accounts Breached by Malware

While malware affecting more than a million Google accounts is bad, I have to admit that the "Gooligan" name is kinda clever. This infographic shows you how Gooligan works:

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As a result of a lot of hard work done by our security research teams, we revealed today a new and alarming malware campaign. The attack campaign, named Gooligan, breached the security of over one million Google accounts. The number continues to rise at an additional 13,000 breached devices each day. Our research exposes how the malware roots infected devices and steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suite, Google Drive, and more.


Reddit To Crack Down On Abuse

Reddit says that it is going to start cracking down on abuse. The site says that it is targeting the "most toxic users" but didn't say if that included their own CEO. He'll probably just get a warning. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Social media website Reddit Inc, known for its commitment to free speech, will crack down on online harassment by banning or suspending users who target others, starting with those who have directed abuse at Chief Executive Steve Huffman. Huffman said in an interview with Reuters that Reddit's content policy prohibits harassment, but that it had not been adequately enforced.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Assassin’s Creed 3 Free In December @ VG24/7

Delicious Overwatch Cheater Tears @ Blue's News

New Battlefield 1 Custom Game Mode @ GameSpot

PlayStation Plus Games For December @ Shacknews

Serious Sam VR mGPU NVIDIA GTX Pascal Follow Up

Make sure you guys take a moment today to read our Serious Sam VR mGPU NVIDIA GTX Pascal Follow Up. How does mGPU support for NVIDIA perform? How does it compare to AMD's mGPU support? We think you will find the answers interesting to say the least.

News Image

Serious Sam VR was the first commercial enthusiast gaming title to include multi-GPU support with AMD's RX 480 GPU. Now the folks at Croteam have added mGPU support for NVIDIA cards as well. We take a look at how well NVIDIA's VRSLI technology fares in this VR shooter title.


Cool Video of the Day

Imagine how much money they could have saved filming the Matrix with this set-up. Watching the ball drop into the water was cool as hell.