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    Enermax Platimax DF 600W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   November 21, 2016

    Enermax comes to us today with a super-efficient 600 watt computer power supply that is dressed in black and has fully modular SLEEMAX cables that are very suitable for configuring a distinguished looking build. How does it do when put through our PSU gauntlet however?


    Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 600W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   November 14, 2016

    Small form factor personal computers have gotten more and more popular over the last few years, and along with that we have been seeing more and more computer power supplies built with SFX specifications in mind. Thermaltake's Toughpower is one of those and packs along with it 600 watts of efficient power.

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    SilverStone Strider Titanium ST60F-TI 600W PSU Review

    By Paul Johnson   November 02, 2016

    SilverStone has been on a fairly successful ride with its Strider series of computer power supplies. These units tout excellent efficiency levels all while packing this into an unusually tiny footprint perfect for small form factor system builds. The ST60F-TI brings with it a solid build quality, near silent operation, all while being fully modular.


    GIGABYTE XP1200M 1200W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   October 19, 2016

    You read that correctly, we are reviewing a computer PSU today that is being sold under the GIGABYTE banner. GIGABYTE is best known for its motherboards, but that should put it in a good position as to knowing what kind of power an enthusiast PC system needs. Add in that this PSU is a 1200 watt beast and that should make it interesting.

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    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 850W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   October 03, 2016

    Seasonic is one of our long-time favorites when it comes to high power and high efficiency desktop computer power supplies. Seasonic does not introduce wave after wave of new PSU series, so when it does come across with a new platform it gets our attention. Is the TITANIUM rated PRIME 850W worthy of yours?


    Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W PSU Review

    By Paul Johnson   September 06, 2016

    Flashy lights are cool if you are into that kind of thing, but we want to know about the new Thermaltake power supply beyond the pretty hues of red, green, and blue. Toughpower units have weighed in well in the past, but how about in today's market as it is a lot more competitive now.

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    SilverStone SX700-LPT 700W SFX-L Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   August 23, 2016

    SilverStone has a new take on small form factor power supplies it is calling "SFX-L." This new form factor extends the standard SFX size by 30mm allowing SilverStone to install a quieter 120mm fan than the usual higher speed and noisier 80mm and 92mm fans. How does all this work out?


    Enermax Revolution X't II 750W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   July 24, 2016

    Enermax' Revolution series of computer power supplies has been a staple among enthusiasts for a good long time. Today it adds a newly updated 750 watt PSU to the lineup that touts Gold level efficiency, Japanese capacitors, and a HeatGuard feature that cools down the PSU after shutdown.

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    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 750W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   July 21, 2016

    Seasonic has never been big on marketing-speak. Outside of its impressive specifications, and a list of features, this is all it has to say. "The creation of the PRIME Series is a renewed testimony of Seasonic's determination to push the limits of power supply design in every aspect." Let's see if that is true, or the shortest sales pitch ever.

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    Corsair SF600 600W SFX Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   June 22, 2016

    Corsair has gotten into making computers smaller lately with its Bulldog 4K Living Room Gaming System, and now it is going to share its SF600 power supply that follows the SFX standard form factor, which is tiny for a 600 watt PSU. Given its diminutive stature, has Corsair packed it to the gills with good power?

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    SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   June 07, 2016

    SilverStone and its Strider series of computer power supplies have been almost perfect when it comes to earning HardOCP awards. Today it comes to us with a fully modular Titanium efficiency rated 800 watt PSU that it claims to be the world's smallest in this category. "413 watts per liter!" Let's see how that works out today.

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    FSP Hydro X 650W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   May 26, 2016

    FSP does not have much to say about its Hydro X in terms of marketing speak, but it does hit the high points that enthusiast system builders are looking for: "Silent operation, High efficiency ≧ 90%, Full Japan-made electrolytic capacitors, Powerful single +12V rail design, Ribbon cables, and Complete protection: OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP."