Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday January 22, 2002

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Since I am getting an email about every ten seconds that is telling me it is dangerous to use car batteries indoors, I thought I would let you guys know that it seems as if everyone already knows this but simply only talks to me about it. I thought the entire statement about acid/fire/explosion might be a bit of a sign of the safety issue.

Customer service a lost art? I know we put up with you bastards nice folks all day and never complain about your dumb damn interesting and insightful comments and email. How can we help you?

I feel kind of left out since there is not a [H]ardOCP sucks site at Gawd knows there are enough people that think we do.

Jan. 21 — Cyber-gripers, take heart. You and your “” Web site have a patron. Free speech lawyer Ed Harvilla is worried that too many “sucks” domains have been taken away from owners and given to their target companies. So he and some silent partners have developed a system to dole out “sucks” Web sites — and he’s given them away for free.

Blair points out that ChipOnline in Germany has NVMax 4, in its alpha form, posted. If you are familiar with NVMax, go check out their website.