Tuesday January 08, 2019

IBM Reveals the World's First Commercial Integrated Quantum Computer

This morning at CES 2019, IBM unveiled the Q System One, which it claims to be "the world's first integrated universal approximate quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use." Apparently, previous quantum computers have all been confined to research labs because they're tedious to operate and maintain, but IBM seems to think their engineering breakthroughs make the Q System One a viable computer to sell. Auto-calibrating quantum hardware, a robust cryogenic system, compact control electronics, and "quantum firmware to manage the system health and enable system upgrades without downtime for users" are among the innovations IBM highlighted. There's no word on pricing, but IBM's high-end classical computers usually fall into the "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" category. Check out the video below:

Their design includes a nine-foot-tall, nine-foot-wide case of half-inch thick borosilicate glass forming a sealed, airtight enclosure. Its glass door opens effortlessly, simplifying the system's maintenance and upgrade process while minimizing downtime - making the IBM Q System One uniquely suited for reliable commercial use. A series of independent aluminum and steel frames unify, but also decouple the system's cryostat, control electronics, and exterior casing, helping to isolate the system components for improved performance.