Tuesday December 18, 2018

White Hat Hacker Contacted a Man Through His Security Camera

AZCentral reports that a hacker broke into a man's Nest security camera at his Phoenix home. But, instead of abusing the system, the hacker contacted the camera's owner, informing him that the system was compromised with fairly obvious proof. If you aren't already paranoid about cameras in always-on devices, this is all the evidence you need to start nurturing a healthy fear. Thanks to Motherboard for spotting the article, and check out the video below:

The man speaking to him through the camera said he was a "white hat" hacker in Canada with the group Anonymous. He told Gregg his private information had been compromised. The hacker couldn't see images through the camera and didn't know where Gregg lived, he said. But he told Gregg such information wouldn't be hard to find. The man then recited a password Gregg had used for multiple websites. "I'm really sorry if I startled you or anything. I realize this is super unprofessional, and I'm sorry that it's a little late in the day to do this," the hacker can be heard telling Gregg on a recording of the interaction provided to The Arizona Republic/azcentral.