Tuesday December 18, 2018

Intel is Inside World's Largest 360-Degree Movie Set

Just a mile from the LA airport, Intel Studios is building what it claims to be world’s largest immersive media hub. Intel says their dome is about 4 stories high, houses 96 5K cameras, and will allow filmmakers to shoot scenes from multiple directions using a technique called "volumetric capture." Intel apparently sends the multiple camera feeds to a nearby datacenter that creates a voxel-based representation of the entire scene, which content creators can then manipulate to produce "new kinds of visual storytelling."

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Intel Studios sends captured volumetric content over 5 miles of fiber-optic cable to more than 90 Intel-powered servers that can crunch over 1 terabyte of data every 10 seconds. (It takes almost 1,500 CDs to hold 1TB of information.) The studio's servers will eventually store up to 10 Petabytes of data - the equivalent of 133 years of high-definition video. Intel Studios is currently working on two Hollywood virtual reality productions to be released in early 2019.