Tuesday December 18, 2018

ARM Introduces Automotive Processor With Simultaneous Multithreading

Today, ARM announced the Cortex A65AE, ARM's first processor with support for simultaneous multithreading. Like the A76AE that came before it, the A65AE also supports ARM's Split-Lock technology, which allows a pair of cores to execute the same instructions and compare output for extra reliability, while also offering some redundancy if either of the cores fail. Unfortunately, ARM stopped short of publishing performance numbers or detailed specifications for the new core, but reiterate that this processor is aimed at the automotive, industrial, and aviation markets. Given ARM's release history, SMT implementations in more consumer-oriented processors are probably coming soon.

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The multithreaded processor, a first in the Cortex family, has an out-of-order execution pipeline and can execute two-threads in parallel on each cycle. Each thread can be at different exception levels and run different operating systems. The Cortex-A65AE features an advanced microarchitecture designed for performance density and delivers high-throughput efficiency for memory intensive workloads in constrained thermal budgets.