Thursday December 06, 2018

Scientists Say a Quarter of Tumblr Users Visit the Site for Porn

Tumblr recently announced a plan to remove all porn from their site, and naturally, the decision has sparked some controversy. Some users claim that the automatic filters are removing some "benign" content while leaving explicit content alone. Nevertheless, Tumblr still has a lot of porn, a topic which Motherboard has explored in the past. Last year, the site found a study claiming that "only about .1 percent of Tumblr's users account for the porn that's available on Tumblr," and that about a quarter of users are there to consume pornography.

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This study was based on the behavior of 130 million users, about half of Tumblr's entire user base. Of that number, "adult content consumers are 22 percent of our sample," the study said. "At the time of the study, roughly 30 million active accounts were consuming adult content, either re-sharing it or following the accounts of those producers," Luca Aiello, one of the study's authors and now a senior research scientist at Nokia Bell Labs told Motherboard in an email. :I expect this audience to experience a noticeable drop in engagement: some of them will just churn out, many of them will likely reduce considerably the time spent on the platform."