Thursday December 06, 2018

Over 200 Pages of Internal Facebook Communications are Released

The UK Parliament published (PDF Warning) over 200 pages of internal Facebook emails they recently seized, and media outlets all over the world are picking through them. Among other things, the BBC points out the documents revealed that Netflix, Badoo, Lyft, and Airbnb all used Facebook friend data to "enhance" their services. The company made a deliberate decision to shut down API access to Vine, Twitter's video sharing service, discussed Android call log reading, and discussed membership fees and the possibility of data leaks. Facebook posted a response to the leak, claiming that Six4Three "cherrypicked" the documents for a lawsuit.

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The following is from a discussion in which Mark Zuckerberg mulled the idea of selling developers access to users' friends' data. It is dated October 2012, pre-dating the quiz involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was sent to Sam Mullin, who was vice president of product management. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook chief executive): "It's not at all clear to me here that we have a model that will actually make us the revenue we want at scale. I'm getting more on board with locking down some parts of platform, including friends' data and potentially email addresses for mobile apps. I'm generally sceptical that there is as much data leak strategic risk as you think... I think we leak info to developers but I just can't think of any instances where that data has leaked from developer to developer and caused a real issue for us."