Thursday December 06, 2018

GDDR5X GTX 1070 Listed on Zotac Website

Earlier this week, TechPowerUp spotted a GTX 1070 SKU with GDDR5X memory on Zotac's website. Zotac has since taken the listing down, but Google captured an incomplete copy of the page before they did. Whether the GDDR5X listing was a typo or a premature publication is unclear, but manufacturers have released some GTX 1060s with GDDR5X memory.

News Image

Much like the GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5X, this otherwise factory-overclocked ZOTAC card sticks to a memory clock speed of 8.00 GHz, despite using GDDR5X memory chips that are rated for 10 Gbps. It features 8 GB of it across the chip's full 256-bit memory bus width. The GPU is factory-overclocked by ZOTAC to tick at 1607 MHz, with 1797 MHz GPU Boost, which are below the clock-speeds of the GDDR5 AMP Extreme SKU, that has not just higher 1805 MHz GPU Boost frequency, but also overclocked memory at 8.20 GHz. Out of the box, this card's performance shouldn't be distinguishable from the GDDR5 AMP Core, but the memory alone should serve up a significant overclocking headroom.

Update 12/6/2017: Zotac told PC Gamer "It will only support the normal GDDR5." Thanks to Drep for spotting this.