Saturday November 10, 2018

Sony Is Using an Open-Source Emulator for PlayStation Classic

Kotaku has revealed that the PlayStation Classic, which an editor calls "a bare-bones experience," utilizes open-source emulator PCSX ReARMed, a fork of PCSX-Reloaded (the main version of PCSX from 2000). Some are calling Sony lazy for not developing an official emulator, while others say this is ironic due to past history: the Japanese giant sued Bleem! in 1999, which went out of business due to the cost of legal fees.

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Some commentators have already attacked Sony for "laziness" by piggybacking off the work of the open source community rather than coding a new "official" emulator for this new release. But Video Game History Foundation Founder Frank Cifaldi instead sees the move as "an acknowledgement that an 'amateur' emulator can be just as valid as an 'official' one (and they're usually better!)... I've seen people complaining that they're buying something that's free, but what the heck alternative is there?