Saturday November 10, 2018

Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

It is now November, but Microsoft’s October 2018 Update is nowhere to be found. ZDNet’s Ed Bott has accused Redmond of keeping Windows users in the dark, but the missing update is problematic for PC manufacturers, too: at least a handful of new hardware being released for the holidays include components that are only supported on the October 2018 Update. Additionally, ray tracing on RTX GPUs is somewhat of a no-go partly due to Microsoft’s blunder.

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...the holiday shopping season is nearly here, and these PC manufacturers have to release this hardware. So Microsoft has let them release it with the older version of Windows that isn’t officially supported and hasn’t been properly tested. Not only are new PCs shipping with an unsupported version of Windows, Microsoft is also holding back the PC gaming industry. Gamers who purchased an NVIDIA RTX card will be disappointed, and both NVIDIA and EA won’t be able to trumpet and advertise this new technology at the game’s launch.