Saturday November 10, 2018

Activision: Destiny 2: Forsaken "Under-Performed," Core Player Base Hasn't Reengaged

Activision’s latest financials suggest that gamers are losing interest in the Destiny franchise. According to the publisher’s COO, Forsaken, the title’s latest expansion, "under-performed" and that profits have declined "year after year." Bungie’s plan for more paid DLC won’t help matters, presumably.

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A lot of Destiny players did dig Forsaken (myself included), but Bungie has proven time and time again that they have myriad issues holding the game down long term. They introduced more issues in the sequel, some of which they still haven't fixed, and it really took its toll on the player base over time. Their constant "we're listening, but not really" routine was old in 2014, much less four years later, and their communication efforts have resulted in numerous blunders that have soured the core.