Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday October 13, 2018

Samsung's Foldable Phone Will Be a Tablet You Can Put in Your Pocket

Despite being tapped for release this year, details surrounding Samsung’s foldable phone remain light, but recent comments by Mobile CEO D.J. Koh offer some perspective on how the device may be used and whether its release is justified. According to Koh, the fabled handset should be a treat for those who want a tablet they could fit and bring anywhere -- a concept the rumored flexible OLED display could certainly make possible.

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Koh once again stressed the foldable phone wouldn't be a "gimmick product" that will "disappear after six to nine months after it's delivered." It'll also be available globally, unlike previous phones like the Galaxy Round, which used a curved display and was available only in Korea. However, the foldable Samsung phone, like the Galaxy Round, will be Samsung's testbed device to see how reviewers and the market react.