Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Walmart Patents Shopping Cart Biometrics Handle to Monitor Customer Health

Walmart has patented a shopping cart with a biometrics sensor equipped in the handle. A server will be able to monitor a customer's baseline readings, from their current readings, in real-time to find out if a customer needs an associate to check on them. Biometric data that can be monitored include body temperature, pulse, cart movement, and squeezing pressure applied to the shopping cart handle. If the server determines that the customer needs assistance, an associate will be dispatched to assist them at that time. The system can also determine if certain songs played over the intercom make customers more excitable, certain associates affect the health of customers, or too many customers congregating in a particular spot due to a smell, customer dispute, or spill. It can even detect multiple customers using the same cart and track them individually with accuracy. It even has the ability to track weight loss, health monitoring, stress level, and how far a customer has walked if they wish to use a smartphone with the Walmart shopping cart biometrics system. Here is the full patent with illustrations.

It is noted that the biometric data and cart movement data collected is not tied to or linked to the identity of the shopper. When the customer is finished shopping, the cart can determine that the shopping experience has ended based on factors such as the cart no longer moving, the lack of force being applied to the handle, the weight of the cart, the cart location, etc. At the same time the server can identify that the cart has entered a sleep mode and delete any correlation between the table of the customer's biometric data and the specific cart used.