Saturday September 15, 2018

OnePlus Is Getting Rid of the Headphone Jack

Despite criticizing competitors removing headphone jacks mere months ago, OnePlus has decided to do just that, starting with their upcoming 6T smartphone. The decision is doubly awkward in that the company polled their Twitter followers in March about whether they cared about the 3.5mm jack, and the results were very much in its favor (88% vs. 12%). While OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei suggests it’s so OnePlus can integrate a larger battery, AndroidCentral believes there has been a change in manufacturing outside of their control.

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OnePlus sources the internal components -- including the display and camera modules -- from OPPO, and although the OnePlus 6's external design is different to that of the R15 Pro, the internal layout is near-identical. With the OPPO R17 Pro eschewing the 3.5mm jack, it is possible OnePlus had to take a similar stance. As we've seen from Nextbit, it's incredibly difficult for a new brand to make its foray into the smartphone segment and create a sustainable business.