Thursday August 09, 2018

15 Year Old Hacks "Unhackable" Cryptocurrency Wallet to Play Doom

15 year old Saleem Rashid has hacked John McAfee's "unhackable" Bitfi wallet and used the compromised device to play Doom. There is a $250,000 bounty for anyone that can crack the device and steal the coins. Saleem Rashid didn't get the coins off the device as they are stored in the cloud, so the $250,000 bounty is still available. But he still has one of the coolest and most insecure portable Doom devices on the planet!

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Video of the old-school first-person shooter has surfaced on Twitter. Self-described adversarial thinker Saleem Rashid is credited with hijacking it -- a hacking prodigy just 15-years old. Keep in mind, Bitfi's wallet is meant be the world's first 'unhackable' device, supposedly doubling as a secure cryptocurrency storage solution. But as we already know, this is hardly the case.