Wednesday May 30, 2018

Beijing Security Fair - For Security Spying

When you think of a "security fair," you likely think of an event that is based around things being more secure for you. In China, a security fair seems to be all about you having less security from all sort of surveillance on you. It is called the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment. This is a fairly long read over on Reuters, but let me give you some excerpts from the article to give you an idea what is going on, on the other side of the globe, but will assuredly be delivered to us here in the USA in some form or another soon.

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The China International Exhibition on Police Equipment is something of a one-stop shop for China’s police forces looking to arm up with the latest in "black tech" - a term widely used to refer to cutting-edge surveillance gadgets.

It can crack your smartphone password in seconds, rip personal data from call and messaging apps, and peruse your contact book.

Beijing-based Hisign Technology said its desktop and portable phone scanners can retrieve even deleted data from over 90 mobile applications on smart phones, including overseas platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

"We are actually using these kinds of scanners in Xinjiang already, but I am interested in this one as it claims to be more successful with iOS phones than other brands," said the policeman, surnamed Gu, who traveled 3,000 kilometers to attend the fair. He declined to provide his given name.

The robot, shaped like R2-D2 from "Star Wars", but with red flashing "ears" and over a dozen sensors and cameras, can identify people in a crowd, engage in conversations and broadcast police announcements.

The Ministry of Public Security, which hosted the Beijing fair, did not respond to a request for comment.