Thursday May 17, 2018

Nissan's Following Tesla Into Solar Power and Home Batteries

Nissan is kicking off their push into home solar power and storage in the United Kingdom. They will put in a set of six solar panels for $5,200 or you can have them throw in the storage battery to make the total $10,300. If you elect to get a power pack with batteries retired from electric vehicles you can save a couple of bucks that way. This isn't offered in the U.S. yet, but never say never. As more auto builders branch out into electric vehicles it wouldn't surprise me if they offered panels and batteries for the home as well.

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This kind of local storage takes some of the pressure off over-taxed electricity grids. It also pairs well with the time of use tariffs providers in the US and UK are starting to introduce, where rates vary with demand—climbing at peak time, but lowering overnight. Instead of paying more at peak times, just draw power from the battery your solar panels spent the day filling up. And when prices drop overnight, tap into the grid to charge up your EV.