Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday May 17, 2018

AT&T Launching New Streaming Version of DirecTV

AT&T is getting ready to launch yet another TV streaming service to go with their DirecTV Now and AT&T Watch. The new service is basically DirecTV without the satellite dish. You get an AT&T streaming box, hook it to your internet and then you get the DirecTV lineup. They expect to be able to offer the DirecTV streaming service at a lower cost than their satellite service. This might be the way to go so that they can get more subscriptions for folks that want NFL Sunday Ticket but didn't want the satellite service it required. Also of note is the fact that AT&T plans to have five different streaming service operating by the end of next year.

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AT&T is desperately trying to get out ahead of the cord cutting phenomenon before these departing users all flee to competing services. Unlike many traditional pay TV operators, AT&T is at least trying to get out ahead of the curve by attempting to give frustrated users what they want: namely lower prices with more channel lineup flexibility.