Tuesday February 13, 2018

YouTube CEO Says Facebook "Should Get Back to Baby Pictures"

Facebook has been trying to expand it's video streaming, edging in to YouTube's market. In an interview during Recode's Code Media conference yesterday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was pressed about whether or not she worries about increased competition from Facebook. She said "you always have to take your competitors seriously," but then added "I mean, I think they should focus on what they're focused on, I think they should get back to baby pictures and sharing."

You can watch the full interview here, the interview starts at 4:10, the Facebook question comes at 30:30, and the cringe runs the full length.

You win many internets if you can make it through the entire interview. In my opinion the interviewer was terrible, and this proved how unqualified Wojcicki is for the position at YouTube. She did create a channel to connect and relate to content creators where she would do Q&A and make frequent videos. She has uploaded two, four months ago.