Tuesday February 13, 2018

Mozilla Will Re-File Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality

In a blog post today, Mozilla announced that they would be re-filing a suit against the FCC to protect net neutrality. Last month Mozilla filed a petition against the FCC for it's decision to overturn net neutrality. However they jumped the gun as the FCC filed to dismiss the suit, and require Mozilla to re-file after the other had been published in the Federal Register.

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I don't think this suit has a chance of doing anything except lip service, but if Mozilla still has money to burn more power to them. Forgive me if I question the righteousness of a company who gave $100k to possibly support a known domestic terrorist organization.

We said that we believed the filing date should be later (while the timing seemed clear in the December 2017 draft order from the FCC, federal law is more ambiguous). We urged the FCC to determine the later date was appropriate, but we filed on January 16 because we are not taking any chances with an issue of this importance.