Monday February 12, 2018

Shapeshifting VR Controller Homemade Mod Simulates Real Feel

This guy's mod on a VIVE controller weights the controller dynamically to simpulate how VR weapons would feel in your hand and also simulates recoil as well. While I would love to give this a try, you would probably want a very large roomscale environment to start playing about with this.'s all fun and VR games till someone loses an eye.

Dynamically changes the sensation of weight when picking up objects in VR. It is currently working for HTC VIVE, but we are finishing an adaptation for OCULUS soon. Currently he can emulate objects (weight) and armament (weight, shape and shooting feedback). In the video, he is emulating different weapons and the feedback of the shot. As a curiosity, there is no animation in the guns. It is the haptic himself who is making that firing rate. The INDIE developers of VR (Unity at the moment) that want to test the system, get in touch with me so that we can make a functional test. It is very quick to implement.