Friday January 19, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook Won't Let His Nephew On Social Media

Speaking at a school in England on Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated he didn't want his nephew to use social networks. "I don't have a kid, but I have a nephew that I put some boundaries on," Cook said "There are some things that I won't allow; I don't want them on a social network." He also added that he doesn't believe in the overuse of technology, and that sometimes an iPad is inappropriate in the classroom.

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This reminds me of an article I wrote about last year investigating is "Smartphones have destroyed a generation?", and another about Extreme internet usage linked to mental illness in teens. Both articles went into what's been happening to children and young adults with the advent of social media, and none of it is good news. Cook's statements come after a former Facebook executive warned that social networks were "ripping apart the social fabric." It's nice to see heads of tech companies start to take notice of these issues.

"There are are still concepts that you want to talk about and understand," He said. "In a course on literature, do I think you should use technology a lot? Probably not."