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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday August 24, 2017

FFXV Director: 170GB Install Size for PC "Was a Communications Mistake"

Director Hajime Tabata has clarified that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will not require a ludicrous 170GB of space as previously reported. The specifications that were released, which include the recommendation for a GTX 1080 Ti, are merely based on the demo that the team is running at the moment -- wait, does that mean that the final install size could actually be that big, or bigger, even?

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In addition to the enormous 170GB install size, the specs listed the super-pricey high-end video card, GTX 1080 Ti, as the "recommended specs." Tabata added on that subject that the demo machines were using the GTX 1080 Ti cards, but the minimum specs would go down "at least as far as the same level as the console edition, maybe looking to going even further than that in the future."