Tuesday April 11, 2017

Kodi Wants to Beat Piracy with Legal Content and DRM

The Kodi team is bending over for copyright holders, and they are even providing the lube. In order to offset their media player’s notorious reputation for powering pirate boxes, the developers may be introducing low-level DRM so content providers could offer legal content through add-ons and such. I smell the potential for a massive exodus, since this idea could blossom into something more insidious.

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آ…the media player is currently considering whether to add support for DRM so that content providers can offer their videos in a protected environment. While some users may cringe at the thought, Kodi believes it’ll help to get rightsholders on board. "Our platform has a lot of potential and we are looking into attracting more legal and official content providers. Additionally, we’re looking into adding low-level DRM that would at least make it more feasible to gain trust from certain providers," Kaijser tells TorrentFreak.