Tuesday March 21, 2017

Ebay Takes on Amazon with Guaranteed 3-Day Delivery

I was going to ask how eBay expects to pull this off when their business revolves around independent sellers, most of whom are (in my experience) lazy as hell, but the company claims they have been doing well on this for some time and is merely guaranteeing a timeframe going forward. Something tells me most people are going to stick with Amazon, unless it’s some dusty relic they are seeking.

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"While the majority of items on eBay already ship within 3 days or less, as well as for free, Guaranteed Delivery will give shoppers even faster delivery options and the confidence that their items will arrive on time," said Hal Lawton, Senior Vice President of North America at eBay, in a statement about the new program. It’s hard not to see Amazon’s influence at work here آ— especially as eBay notes that consumers will also be able to search its site and filter for items by 1- and 2-day deliveries, too.