Sunday March 19, 2017

ISPs Say Your Web Browsing and App Usage History Isn’t "Sensitive"

A lobbyist group has issued a statement against those who are trying to defend the previously proposed opt-in rule, which requires ISPs to get consent before sharing sensitive customer information, but I am not sure why they bothered since the current FCC makeup seems set on eliminating them regardless. Consumer advocates have tried to argue the obvious: browsing history is just as sensitive as call and video viewing history.

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"To justify diverging from the FTC's framework and defining Web browsing history as 'sensitive,' the commission and the [privacy rule supporters] both cherry-picked evidence in an attempt to show that ISPs have unique and comprehensive access to consumers' online information," CTIA wrote. "As the full record shows, however, this is simply not true. Indeed, even a prominent privacy advocacy organization asserted that it is 'obvious that the more substantial threats for consumers are not ISPs,' but rather other large edge providers."