Friday January 27, 2017

Oculus Sensors are Technically Hackable Webcams

Is Facebook using your Oculus Rift to spy on you? That's the question UploadVR is asking after a University of California, Davis researcher has come forward demonstrating how easy it is to pull image data off of an Oculus.

Oculus is adamant that this is not the case, and image data is only used for motion tracking and then quickly disgarded, but who knows? And, in a world where even Mark Zuckerberg puts tape on his webcam, maybe Oculus or Facebook are not who we should be worrying about? Tell us your thoughts in the forum comments!

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Essentially what this means is that Oculus told the Sensor not to announce itself to the Windows operating system as a camera. If it did, Windows might automatically pull up its standard webcam drivers, which is not what Oculus wants. Instead, there’s a custom driver they want Windows to use to interface with the Sensor so that it functions only in tandem with the Rift. Kreylos describes this as a layer of "obfuscation" and says it is one of a few that Oculus employs to keep what is, in essence, a camera from behaving like one.