Sunday December 18, 2016

Rivvr’s Wireless VR For Vive And Rift Add-On To Appear At CES

Two versions of the Rivvr are expected to show at CES next month, one with three hours of battery life and another with six. I wonder just how popular this will be, however, as HTC and Oculus are both working on wireless hardware as well.

Rivvr has developed a device that uses proprietary technology to send the raw HDMI signal from both headsets over the air to a PC, at a speed of somewhere between 40 to 80 mbps. TechCrunch had a chance to take an early look at the current prototype, which adds around 300 grams of additional weight to the headset and it turns out, streaming the HDMI signal over the air works quite well. There is some tracking latency present, which has apparently been brought down to as low as 11ms, which the report claims is low enough to not feel hindered in games like Fruit Ninja VR or Tilt Brush. However, some signal issues came in to play occasionally which still need to be worked out.