Tuesday December 06, 2016

Is AMD Licensing Radeon Graphics To Intel?

It looks as though Forbes, in response to Kyle's comment about a licensing deal between AMD and Intel, has went into a bit of detail on why they believe a licensing deal between the two companies makes sense. The author of the article even offers up a couple different scenarios that explain why this could be a win - win for both parties involved. Definitely interesting reading.

The rumor originated with the following quote from the chief editor of computer gaming enthusiasts site HardOCP in their forum: "The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel's iGPU" The post was from Kyle Bennett in the HardOCP forum on December 5, 2016. While Kyle Bennett can be a controversial character, he has been around the PC business for many decades and has excellent contacts with AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel. You would not expect Mr. Bennett to make such a statement without a good source to back it up. And while Mr. Bennett makes it clear that AMD’s GPU technology would go into Intel’s integrated GPU (iGPU), that may not be what this deal is about exactly. There are a number of reasons why this deal would make sense, but there’re a couple of different scenarios to consider.

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