Sunday December 04, 2016

Microsoft Wants To Crush Google Home And Amazon Echo With Home Hub

So if I’m reading this right, Home Hub is a software-based approach to controlling and sharing information throughout your home built into Windows 10, and it can take the place of standalone devices like the Echo. How do I get excited about this stuff, though? Can’t you do the same things using a smartphone, since there is basically an app for everything?

Home Hub isn't a dedicated device that's designed to take on the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, as in the end, Home Hub is just the software. But that software can do everything the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can, but with one added benefit: a screen. Home Hub is designed to run on Windows 10 PCs, mainly All-In-Ones and 2-in-1's with touch screens, but can work on any Windows 10 machine. Pen and ink support are also part of the plan. Adding a screen to these smart devices makes these things so much more approachable and useful, especially to families. Microsoft's end goal with Home Hub is to make shared PCs much more communal and helpful for multiple people that have to use them.