Tuesday May 17, 2016

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition Early Adopter Tax Goes Away

This is an interesting change of events. Many of our readers have been a bit upset with how the "new" Founders Edition GTX 1080 cards were to be rolled out. Many readers saw this FE simply as a reference card with a new name that was being charged $100 extra for while AIB partner cards were making their way to market. It has been referred to as an "early adopters" tax more than once. That seems that it might not be the case now. I expected Founders Edition cards to be for sale within 48 hours of today's GTX 1080 launch, but that is not the case. NVIDIA has just informed me that Founders Edition cards will be available at the same time as AIB partner cards. The MSRP + $100 pricing still stands, it just seems now you will not have the option of getting the FE a week or two before AIB cards.

Yes, availability for 1080 for FE and partner cards is slated for May 27th.

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